Balanced by Bristlecone


When creating Balanced by Bristlecone we focused purely on creating a program that essentially builds a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Focusing on intuitive eating, one-on-one personalized strength training while getting personal nutritional coaching.

What is included with the Balanced by Bristlecone Program?

You will get 8 one-on-one coaching sessions and regular nutrition check-ins with Sadie over a two month time frame.  Also includes two month unlimited membership to Bristlecone, customized Balanced journal, and a water bottle.

How do I get started?

If you think Balanced by Bristlecone is something that you would like explore further, we ask that you set-up a one time 30 minute consultation with Sadie at Bristlecone.  This time will be used to make sure that you feel this program is well aligned with your needs before any commitment is made.  You should be prepared to discuss your goals and desires.

Thursday’s from 9AM to 12PM has been set aside as available time slot to schedule and consultation price is a single payment of $35.  If interested you will need to fill out the form linked below and make payment.  Sadie will then contact you to finalize your meeting time.


Sadie Ellis is a wife, a mom of three, and a devoted personal trainer and nutritional coach. While growing up especially through her teen years she found herself struggling with her body image, diet, and clarity on what is important in life.  Often feeling like she didn’t look like her peers or thinking that size 0 is the only standard of beauty that is found attractive, until she discovers food freedom with intuitive eating and stepping into her power. Now Sadie helps women every day find that same freedom and power through her initiative program.