Buti Glow Yoga

Buti Glow Yoga

Black Lights! Glow Paint! Beats! Sweat! Dance!

Want to harness your power, connect to your soul self and thrive? Do you need to practice letting go and shaking everything up so it can fall back into place just right, while having fun glowing? Want to get your Chakras spinning? Well then, Buti Glow Yoga is your answer!

“Buti” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “a hidden cure.” This is a dynamic asana practice, fused with primal movement, tribal dance, and deep core engagement. Buti is all about tapping into the confident, powerful energy we have inside and using it to heal & improve our lives on the outside, and on top of all that, it’s FUN! Come ready to explore, connect and spark some seriously positive energy. When we are physically active, we create better, work better, and love better.

This is an all levels class with Chelsee Robinson a certified Buti Yoga Instructor.

Registration Info

Class Location: Bristlecone, 67 W Center Cedar City, Utah
: May 8th 2021
Cost: $35 (member get 25% off)

Please register by visiting our Vagaro App or Webpage, then select Memberships & Packages. Listed under packages on that page is four options. Select the appropriate rate/session and check-out.

Space is limited so please pre-register!