Bristlecone Coffee

Bristlecone is nestled right in the heart of downtown Cedar City near the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts which includes SUMA and the Utah Shakespeare Festival that is located on the Southern Utah University Campus.  Cedar City is often referred to as the gateway to the national parks as we are within a days drive of more than ten national parks and monuments.

Our Coffee

At Bristlecone, we think of coffee as a member of the community.  Coffee is with you when you share some news with a friend.  Coffee is with you when you’re stressed about that final.  You have coffee when you’re happy and when you’re sad. We at Bristlecone want to build that sense of community for everyone to feel welcome.

We use beans that are roasted in Utah and they source from places as far away as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, to Ethiopia and Kenya, to Central America and Columbia and Brazil, and even Hawaiian beans.

So the sources of their coffee lie in the premier coffee growing highland regions of the world, close to the equator.  They are usually small producers with great soil and big hearts, who care deeply about the land that provides them with amazing coffee and the ability to earn a good living and take care of their families.


Real NYC Bagles

If you’ve had a New York Bagel, you know there’s a difference.  Our New York bagels are boiled and plank baked just enough to get that quality. We finish baking them fresh each morning here in Cedar City.  Our selection of spreads and toppings will give you the freedom to be as traditional or creative as you’d like.

We offer plain, french toast, rainbow, cinnamon raisin, cheddar, and everything bagels.  Our fresh made spreads include plain cream cheese, bacon, funfetti, maple butter, PB & J, sriracha, and hummus.

Catering Options available! Want to bring breakfast into the office but tired of donuts?  How about Bagels!  We offer half- dozen boxes with one spread as well as a dozen boxes with two spreads. You pick everything and we’ll make it fresh.

We will also provide coffee for crowds.  We provide the coffee, paper cups, sugar and creamer.  Contact us today to coordinate your next order.