Chelsee & Joanna
The Bristlecone pine is the longest living organism in the world. Nothing is more resilient than this tree with all its imperfections and rough edges. Its glory is unspeakable. I was a first generation college student. Breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty. When my college career was coming to an end our student body went to see the Bristlecones on Cedar mountain. I knew looking at them that if they can stand strong for thousands of years I can do just about anything. Education is my how my soul speaks, there is a rhythm to growing and learning. I’m here to share that, to build resilience in my classes. Lets connect at Bristlecone.
A wonderful human gave some great insight on how to view a business. The business has its own personality. It will have traits from the creators but naturally it’s unique unto itself. But what characteristics does our business have? We see resilience, strong roots, beautiful imperfections and peace. I recall a particularly personal conversation where Chelsee and I connected over our love of trees. We knew we wanted our name to come from a tree. A Bristlecone tree may go dormant for many many years, but then something almost magical happens and it has a rebirth. It brings new life to the area and with that comes a different beauty. Bristlecones are so strong that they can grow where nearly no other tree will survive. We are honored to name our business after such a magnificent creation and hope we will do the name justice.