Bristlecone Safety Procedures

Bristlecone Covid Procedures Page1

A message from Bristlecone concerning our current
Global climate and condition in regards to the Covid-19

With respect for all views and opinions we look forward
to implementing Covid-19 plans + procedures with an
aggressive goal to provide our patrons, as well as our
local, National & global community a safe space to
practice, connect and continue to live life. To accomplish
this, it means we have a clean safe space that strives for
seamless perfection through implemented
process + procedures.

Please note & understand that we are a trauma informed,
NO TOUCH facility. Meaning we feel hands on assistance
is unnecessary for a safe yoga practice & an enjoyable
cafe experience.

Throughout this document we will review, understand,
and demonstrate how to operate during these times.
Please be aware and understand that these plans +
procedures as well as regulations, and enforcement are
in compliance with our local authority, City + State as
well as the FDA. Compliancy allows us to keep our doors
open and our customers healthy, happy and connected.
If at any time you have questions or concerns please feel
welcomed to ask and clarify.