Yoga as good as your coffee?

The Bristlecone Company is a new business in Downtown Cedar City ready for you to visit!

They’re a full-service cafe attached to a state of the art hot yoga studio but to them it’s much more than that. Their vision is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Bristlecone is passionate about collaborating with the community as they embody a prosocial cultural shift in the area. They have teachers who specialize in therapeutic yoga for individuals who have undergone trauma. Chelsee, one of the yoga teachers, works with Utah Foster Care, Iron County School District, and Iron County Children’s Justice Center.

Joann Stevens, Co-Owner and Chief Caffeination Officer, is committed to healthy options and coffee forward flavor. She also works with coffee roasters that give back to the community, keeping with the theme of Bristlecone. They believe that connection fosters positive shifts in our culture and they want to connect with you.

As the front of their building says, they focus on coffee, connection, and yoga. Here’s how:

Coffee: Their drinks are coffee forward with great flavor. There is no need to add a whole lot of sweeteners, it’s great all on its own.

Connect: Their space features a large bar to sit and get some work done along with plenty of comfortable seating to sit and stay awhile.

Yoga: They offer a minimum of 26 classes a week with a from all levels yoga to hot Pilates, plus the therapeutic classes.

To find out more about their $79/ month unlimited class yoga memberships visit Bristlecone Company now.

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