Bristlecone Yoga Policies & Procedures

Class Cancellation Policy

We require that if you pre-register for a class, that you must cancel 2 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged full price. This applies to both drop-ins and punch passes.  Due to Bristlecone having very limited spots for each class we must strongly enforce this class cancellation policy.  As a member, you are not charged anything extra for a no-show, however we strongly encourage that you follow the same policy to be courteous to other guests.

Membership Cancellation Policy

It is the policy of Bristlecone Company that all memberships cancellation requires a minimum of 30 day notice to cancel.  Bristlecone does not require any short of contract or other commitment to join our unlimited membership program. This means if your next billing date is within 30 days or less, and you notify us of your intent to cancel, you will be billed one more time.  

The only way to properly cancel your membership is to email your name as we have it on our system along with the date you officially are requesting to cancel your membership.  Send this email to